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Top Ten in the United States
Last updated: Oct. 8, 2013 (includes Skate St. Moritz, SoCal Interclub Final [submitted], SW Florida Fall Clsc, John Smith Memorial, U.S. Challenge Skate, CO Springs Inv [submitted], Shores Autumn Classic, Providence Open [submitted], Peach Open, Skate San Francisco, Lake Placid FS [submitted], SoCal Interclub)
that page will change as more comps come up


Courtney Hicks All Year FSC 185.86 Glacier Falls SWP
Polina Edmunds Peninsula SC 173.60 Glacier Falls CP
Agnes Zawadzki Broadmoor SC 173.10 Vail Inv SW
Vanessa Lam All Year FSC 169.31 SoCal Interclub Final SWP
Hannah Miller Lansing SC 160.80 Grand Rapids Open EGL
Mirai Nagasu Pasadena FSC 158.99 Glacier Falls SWP
Franchesca Chiera Panthers FSC 157.17 SW FL Fall Clsc SA
Kiri Baga SC of Boston 156.86 Cranberry Open NE
Christina Gao SC of Boston 156.67 Cranberry Open NE
Mariah Bell Rocky Mountain FSC 154.58 Broadmoor Open SW

2013-2014 Senior Ladies Scores
that page will change as more comps come up

South Atlantic Region

Franchesca Chiera 101.83 157.17 SW FL Fall Clsc SA
Jessica Hu 85.80 132.44 Potomac Open SA
Haley Mulera 78.57 116.50 Chesapeake Open SA
Natalie Motley 75.66 112.40 Cranberry Open (SA)
Irina Gonzalez-Sigler 74.87 112.33 Florida Open SA
Christalyn Trimilove 78.50 105.28 Hershey Open (SA)
Molly Crawford 67.70 105.07 US Collegiates (SA)
Elise Eng 66.22 104.24 NJ Council Champs 111.39
Jessica Qiu 67.59 102.39 Falling Leaves SA
Erynn Komes 67.63 101.74 John Smith Mem WD
Allison Kymmell 62.55 94.12 Skate Wilmington SA
Lauren Thomas 62.09 92.27 Cherry Blossom SA
Julia Suarez 61.34 91.75 Falling Leaves SA
Kay Bergdolt 54.74 90.36 Skate Wilmington 101.35
McKenzie Lang 58.49 89.93 Atlanta Open (SA)
Jasmine Lewis 59.34 87.88 FL Labor Day Inv (SA)
Tianna Gallinaro 54.89 85.24 South FL Challenge (SA)
Danielle Fanelle 54.04 83.03 Challenge Cup 86.28
Abigail Doyle 51.58 79.50 Orange Blossom SA
Genavieve Federhofer 46.82 78.60 SW FL Fall Clsc SA
Lauren Skaathun 46.28 73.05 FL Labor Day Inv SA
Alexandra McCarthey 53.61 73.21 Atlanta Open (SA)
Amanda Aker 43.77 68.97 Florida Open (SA)
Lindsay Sudbrink 47.08 63.20 Hershey Open (SA)

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