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Our Town News (December 30th 2009)

Our Town News (December 30th 2009)

By Natalie Richards
Staff Intern

A local figure skater has brought home a silver medal to Coral Springs.

Franchesca Chiera, a Coral Springs figure skater, has won second place at the U.S. Junior Championships finals held in Strongsville, Ohio.

This makes Chiera the 2010 Juvenile Silver Medalist and the South Atlantic Regional Juvenile Champion.

Chiera competed against the best six skaters in every region in the U.S. Even though she said it was "nerve-wracking," she never lost her cool.

"I had confidence," said the 12-year-old. "I knew I could do it."

Chiera, who is a sixth grade student at Sawgrass Springs Middle School, has been figure skating since she was 2 years old. According to Chiera, her two older brothers played hockey and her mother didnít want her to run around the rink, so she put Chiera in ice skating.

Chiera has been ice skating competitively for five years and has succeeded in over 38 performances. The competition in Strongsville will be her last competition as a juvenile skater from the Panthers Figure Skating Club. She will now move to the intermediate level.

Nancy Mariani, the skating director for Incredible Ice, stated it was no shock that Chiera placed very high in the competition.

"We had hoped for the top 3," said Mariani. "It didn't surprise us at all."

According to Mariani, Chiera had been practicing her routine for the championships since last Spring and typically six days a week.

"She's very disciplined," said Mariani. "She would practice a good four hours plus additional off the ice."

Though she is a competitor, Chiera's love for the sport keeps her going.

"It's something that makes me smile," Chiera said.

Chiera is looking forward to going back to nationals as an intermediate skater. Her goal is to make it to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

For more information about Chiera, visit For information about the Incredible Ice Figure skating program, visit

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