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Franchesca Chiera

Hello Everyone,

My name is Franchesca Chiera and I love to skate. Most people would not think of a Florida girl being an accomplished figure skater, but my older brothers Domenick and Louis played ice hockey and I ended up on the ice at 2 Ĺ years of age taking lessons. It was easier for my parents to watch me on the ice then running around the rink! I am currently skating at the Senior level and really enjoying skating my new programs. As a sophomore in High School, I am getting to school early and finishing by 11:30. I head straight to the rink, have lunch and take more lesions in the afternoon. Three days a week I am up at 4:30 in the morning when most kids are still asleep. I am on the ice at 5:30 and usually skate for an hour before I go to school. My High School is just a mile from the rink, so during the school year, it makes it easier to train and go to High School. This year, I have competed in Baltimore, California, and Florida with the South Atlantic Regional competition taking place in Charlotte, NC. Skating at the Senior level means bigger jumps and more training!. By joining Team Franchesca, you can help root me on as I try to make it through Regional and Sectional competitions and hopefully Nationals and the Olympics!. When you join my Team, you will also receive my latest photo, tee shirt or sweatshirt. In addition, when you sign up to be part of my TEAM, your name will also appear on my website! Thanks for all of your support and for helping me reach my dream of someday getting to the Olympics. Well, its time to get back on the ice, THANKS AGAIN for visiting my site!

Love, Franchesca

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tee shirt

The tee shirt is available in black only, Menís and Womens sizes X small through 4XL, and Youth sizes 6-8, 10-12, and 14-16. Team Franchesca logo is screened large on the front, pink for ladies and yellow for men's.

autographed photo

Photo is 8 X 10, suitable for framing.
Photo is autographed at Bronze level and personalized at Silver or Gold.

Fleece Jacket

Menís jacket is a quarter zip Fleece pullover. Ladies is a full zip hooded fleece jacket. Men's sizes XS - 4XL, and ladies XS - XXL, Plus 1X and Plus 2X. Team Franchesca logo is embroidered on the left chest.

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